19 for ’19

For the past four years I have offered up my New Years Bucket List Challenges (18 for ’18, 17 for ’17, 16 for ’16, and 15 for ’15). I’ll be honest, I’m kind of out of fresh stuff, so I decided to make the 19 for ’19 Challenge with a little twist. Simultaneously, I wanted to create something that I could offer my staff as a challenge. So to kill two birds with one stone, I created the 19 for ’19 Magic Maker Challenge. I have 19 challenges (some are specific to my school, others are more generic) that my staff can complete if they wish to enter the contest!

Side note: We did a 20-day challenge at my school before winter break and it was a lot of fun. Everyone who finished received a jeans pass and then the names of those who finished went into a drawing for a big prize.

Below is the 19 for ’19 Challenge if you are interested in creating your own version for your school (no I don’t have an editable version, sorry). Thank you to my dear friend Katie Mense (@littlekinderwarriors) for making the challenge look good! I hope everyone has a fantastic New Year and 2019!

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