What Keeps Me Up At Night

Excitement from an awesome day
Conversations I had to say.
News that elated the entire school
News that simply added fuel.

An angry moment
A sad encounter
A scary situation
A meaningful dedication.

The child who just did the unthinkable
Everyone who expects me to be reachable.
Praises from strangers far and wide
Critiques that are painfully justified.

The teacher who has had enough
The teacher who is merciful and tough.
A wall that separates forty students
You hope both act with deliberate prudence.

An upcoming meeting
A ceremonious greeting
A lesson to teach
A presentation to preach.

Social media to manage
An image to uphold
Watching every word
While still finding lines to blur.

A constant array of echoing voices
Sifting through the limitless choices
Identifying those you trust most
Reflecting on words that keep you engrossed.

THIS is what keeps me up at night.


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