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When Kids Lead

An Adult’s Guide to Inspiring, Empowering, and Growing Young Leaders

Kids are capable of doing fantastic things! It’s time for educators—teachers, administrators, parents, mentors, coaches—to think differently about how we prepare students and encourage them to grow as leaders. We can equip students with the tools and skills that will allow them to identify, take on, and solve real-world problems.

Award-winning educators Adam Dovico and Todd Nesloney offer a helpful primer on the importance of student leadership and how to incorporate training for it into education every day. Packed with practical advice and helpful strategies, When Kids Lead is a vital addition to the shelves of K–12 educators, who will find not just a roadmap for training students as leaders but concrete examples of how to facilitate their growth and development in today’s school environment. Throughout, Adam and Todd serve as helpful guides, explaining the benefits of leadership training while covering neglected topics, like the importance of discussing—and celebrating—leadership in the classroom and knowing when it’s the right time to follow.

Inside the Trenches

An Educator’s Guide for What You CAN Do in the Classroom

Inside the trenches are where millions of teachers, each day, pour their hearts into planning lessons, forming relationships, grading papers, meeting state mandates, and countless other jobs that go beyond just “teaching.” Take a ride through Adam Dovico’s life both in and out of the classroom, and learn from his successes and bumps in the road. You will also meet extraordinary educators from across the country as Adam brings you inside of their classrooms to show what you CAN do to rise above the many challenges that being inside of the trenches can bring. Whether you are an aspiring teacher, an experienced educator, or someone who has ever spent time with kids, Inside the Trenches has something for you to enjoy.

The Limitless School

Creative Ways to Solve the Culture Puzzle

You know what’s hard? Solving a Rubik’s® Cube. You know what’s harder? Solving your school’s culture puzzle. Everyone has a school story to tell. As experienced educators, authors Abe Hege and Adam Dovico have heard many of those stories. Unsurprisingly, the tales often revolve around culture: the life-changing relationship formed with a teacher, the harmful effects of bullying, the amazing Friday night crowds at the football game, and so on.

Culture is the invisible yet omnipresent and driving force that shapes learning experiences, the community’s perceptions, and students’ memories—which is why being intentional about creating a positive culture is imperative for your school’s success. The Limitless School identifies the nine pillars that support a positive school culture and explains how each stakeholder—teachers, administrators, students, families, the community, and board members—has a vital role to play in the work of making schools safe, inviting, and dynamic.