23 for ’23

Happy almost 2023! So, for those of you who have followed me for a while, you may remember for many years I did challenges (19 for ’19, 18 for ’18, 17 for ’17, 16 for ’16, and 15 for ’15) where I offered a list of ideas to try in your classroom or school. After some years off, I am making a return after inspiration over the past five months by hosting an exchange student in my home.

Through her, I have watched how the wonder and joy of trying new things can bring happiness to someone. It’s easy to stay in the same routine day in and day out. It’s comfortable. It’s easy. But for my family, we have been intentional in living life to the fullest with her here, and I know personally it has been amazing. So for my 23 for ’23, I will list 50 things to do (personally and professionally), and my personal goal is to check off at least 23 of them. Are you up for the challenge?

1. Have a picnic

2. Visit a museum

3. Bring a neighbor cookies/treat

4. Learn a new language

5. Write a letter to an elected official advocating for something

6. Attend a college/professional sporting event

7. Go on a hike

8. Visit a national monument or site

9. Read a book from a genre you normally don’t read

10. Write a hand-written letter to someone

11. Donate old clothes or toys to those in need

12. Join a new committee at school

13. Learn how to play a new game

14. Binge watch a television series

15. Support a Black owned business in your community

16. Take a friendcation

17. Ride a bike

18. Apply to present at a conference

19. Post a great teaching idea to social media

20. Start a passion project

21. Support LGBTQ+ friendly businesses

22. Bake a cake from scratch

23. Get a tattoo

24. Run a 5k (or more)

25. Create your own outfit to wear

26. Go axe throwing

27. Do yoga or another type of exercise

28. Go on a double date (or blind date if you are single)

29. Make homemade sushi

30. Volunteer at a food bank or shelter

31. Participate in a charity event

32. Ride a train

33. Create a room transformation for your students

34. Keep a diary or journal

35. Take a trip to the beach or mountains

36. Camp out in your living room

37. Draw, paint, or sculpt something

38. Create a special birthday celebration for someone

39. Do a staycation

40. Host a dinner party

41. Connect your students to a class in another state or country

42. Cook or bake something that you’ve never made

43. Take a brewery or winery tour/tasting

44. Take family photos

45. See a live concert

46. Go kayaking or rafting

47. Redesign a room in your house

48. Have a water balloon fight with your students (be sure the parents)

49. Do an escape room

50. Host a foreign exchange student 🙂

Good luck! Happy bucket filling!

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