Inside the Trenches of the Principal: Week 32

It was somewhat of an unexpected week when my family traveled to Pittsburgh for the funeral of my wife’s grandmother on Monday and Tuesday. Those kind of events obviously come out of nowhere and it can be challenging to refocus even after returning. I was thankful that my leadership team stepped up for me and covered everything that needed to be covered! The rest of the week was somewhat a blur to be honest. It was a lot of catching up and trying to get things finished that needed to be finished. I found myself getting overly-frustrated at things I normally wouldn’t, and was a complete jerk to my boss (sorry Donna!). My wife and I are in Asheville this weekend for a little getaway, and hopefully that will clear things up in my head and next week will start fresh and back to normal!

There were also positive highlights this past week, including getting to serve lunch with my assistant principal in the cafeteria. I was fitted with an apron, gloves, and a hairnet! And when those kids started coming in, it got real! I had a blast and I was able to make sure that the kids were utilizing their Moore 4 during lunch. Each time I didn’t hear a please or thank you, the student got sent to the back of the lunch line and had to try again. It usually only took one example in the class to ensure everyone knew the expectation. I am enjoying stepping into different roles within the school. A couple weeks ago I was in the front office and this week in the cafeteria. Thinking about what I should do next?!

Abe and I continue to be thankful with everyone who has been reading The Limitless School! We’ve gotten so many messages and social media posts, and we truly appreciate it! The biggest test now, as Abe and I frequently discuss, is making sure that we are living out the Limitless School in our own schools! It’s not easy. Our motto in the book “solving the school culture puzzle” can be frustrating and challenging. The “T” in limitless does stand for “Time,” and it certainly does take time to make these changes. But we are both chipping away at it each day and having a blast!  

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