5-minute PDs

Professional Developments can be tiring – for the presenter and the audience member! In the rapid, time-is-of-the-essence society we live in now, we need to rethink how we are distributing and acquiring information. For my final assignment for my Wake Forest elementary education seniors, I had them create a 5-7 minute workshop on a topic of their choice that they had passion and knowledge on. I graded them not just on their content, but their stage presence and presentation style as well, since we have been working on that for two years now! Please take a few minutes and see below four excellent workshops on a variety of topics that impact many of us as educators:

1. Arianne: “Pint Sized Professionals: Teaching Professional Skills in the Upper Grades”

2. Allison: “Walking on (5 Rays) of Sunshine: Getting Students Out of Shadows”

3. Zach: “Story Maps: Helping Students with Autism”

4. Kyli: “The New ABCs: Building Up Your Broken Students”

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