Dear Black Friends,

I’m sorry this has happened again. For the second time in two days, and for the umpteenth time over the past few years, we have witnessed (and in the most recent cases watched live) the senseless shooting of innocent Black men.

I’m sorry that as I go through my Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed, it is primarily only you who are posting about this injustice, while many of us (White people) post pictures of our day. I have long been guilty of this. And I am committed to making a change.

I’m sorry that for those of you who have children, you now have to answer questions like “Am I going to get shot when I see a police officer?” 

I’m sorry that you get pulled over for ridiculous reasons and stereotyped based on an article of clothing.

I’m sorry that every time a shooting like this happens, rallies and protests call for change, yet little does.

I’m sorry that I’ll likely never know what it feels like to not be privileged in this country based on the way that I was born, and that I cannot truly feel the degree of fear, anger, and despair that you feel.

I am NOT sorry that I will dedicate my career in education to helping serve those who need an ally, those who are underrepresented, and those who I can stand alongside and call friends in this battle for social justice and equity.


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