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Ever since I shared that I would be moving to Greensboro, NC, the number one question I get is “what’s next”? A logical question for sure, and one that I will try to explain below.

First, a little history leading up to this. For the past 15 years, I have based most of my life decisions on professional opportunities. I have moved to different cities and taken different jobs based on amazing opportunities that have presented themselves. I have no regrets on any of them and I am proud to have been able to work in several sectors of education.

The one thing I have sacrificed the most, however, is my personal life. My family. My wife has been a trooper as we have moved to different places so she can support my dreams, even finding ways to make her dreams work within that. I have two children as well who have never gotten to play on a sports team or go to an after school activity because mommy and daddy were too busy.

Flash forward to this year and I had to make a difficult decision to leave a school that I was leading and in love with. I loved the teachers, students, and families at Moore. We did many incredible things in two short years. I think back with only fond memories.

I decided that it was my chance to support my family as they are now able to fulfill their dreams. My wife landed an amazing job as a pediatrician and my boys will be able to start sports and activities in the fall with me on the sidelines.

As for me, since many have asked, I’m keeping my options open. I will not be jumping back into a principalship right away. It is a job that requires the right mindset and right now I would not have that. I do plan on occasionally traveling to continue professional development opportunities that I have not had a chance to do as much the past couple years. And, of course, you’ll see me at places like Ron Clark Academy, Get Your Teach On, and Get Your Lead On. I will also be working on projects with friends. It is exciting to be able to work on my terms and schedule for a while. I absolutely see myself back in a school in some capacity in the future, but I want to make sure I find the right fit and opportunity.

I appreciate all of the kind words and thoughts from people over the past month. It’s been a blessing knowing that people are out there cheering you on.

So that may not answer every question about “what’s next” but when I figure it out I’ll let y’all know 🙂

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  1. Happy for you and just know you can't get those years back after your kids grow up so it is okay to stop and watch them grow up and support them. You are an awesome educator and parent. God bless you on your new journey.

  2. I know it was a hard decision, but it is SO important to give your family as much as you give your job. It is a regret that I have, as I cannot get that time back with my family. It is a piece of advice that I give to younger teachers now. There definitely has to be a balance. Good luck and enjoy your new “job”. I look forward to seeing you again at a #getyourleadon event! Enjoy!

  3. As much as we truly loved having you as Principal and greatly appreciate the Magic you allowed at Moore Magnet ES, we have to appreciate the fact that you put your family first. You are an amazing educator and leader and you definetly assisted the spark in many of our educators and staff. It was a true honor working with you and look forward to following your endeavors. You are a true friend and I truly wish you nothing but the best! We will miss you!

  4. Adam the first word that comes to mind when I hear your name is "genuine". Your transparency here confirms that quality even more. Meeting you and hearing you present was a highlight of mine this past week. I have no doubt you will continue to impact lives around you as you take care of your family and encourage them to shine. Thank you for being an inspiration. I look forward to following your journey.

  5. Oh how I understand this post perfectly. My health has even taken a toll. Last year i finally learned I had to separate the two. I know God has big things in store for you. Praying for all good things and can’t wait to see what comes next. Somehow educators have to work together to make it a team effort and engaging for kids. There definitely has to be a balance. So happy for your family.

  6. I’m truly excited for what the future holds for you! I have no doubt that it will continue to be nothing short of amazing! Working for you has been an inspirational experience, and I’m forever grateful for your leadership and the opportunities that I had while working under your direction. I can’t wait to follow you throughout your professional endeavors, as well as hear about all of your children’s sporting events on social media. Best of luck and thank you for all the MAGIC!

  7. Hey Boss. Thanks again for breathing life into our school. No doubt that God put you in our school for such a time as this to empower and restore the joy of Moore Magnet to staff and students. Wish you all the best and you will never regret putting your family first. Love you brother. – Paul