Teaching Limericks

If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry. Let’s have a few laughs then educator friends. I had some time today and was inspired to write about common teacher-y things that we encounter. Relax, it’s not about anyone in particular. Except if it’s you. Then it is. 

There once was a student named Stu
Who quickly came running to you.
With a funny look on his face
And not enough space
He sneezed without a tissue.
There once was a student named Drew
He had an obsession with eating glue.
He said it tasted like candy
Which is perfectly dandy
Because it kept him from eating his shoe.
There once was a student named Ry
Who came in with a special look in his eye.
Your day is in shreds 
Because he hasn’t taken his meds
So it’s movie day just to get by.
“Ms. Sweeting”
There once was a teacher named Ms. Sweeting
She infamously talked at every meeting.
When we were just to disband
She would raise her damn hand
And ask questions that warranted a beating.
There once was a custodian named Mag 
Who got called to change out a trash bag.
There was vomit covered food 
That had never been chewed
And she immediately started to gag.
There once was a student named Don
Who had a giant booger on his crayon.
He opens up wide
With a smile in his eye
And now suddenly the booger is gone.
“Ms. Beam”
There once was a teacher named Ms. Beam 
Who was hated to the extreme
Her crime was ghastly  
When she tried to move fastly
After she jammed the copy machine!
“Mr. Classes”
There once was a teacher named Mr. Classes
Who generally moved as fast as molasses
But when there was free food
He came unglued
And pushed through all ya’lls asses.

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